ASPC Participates in Energy Smart Program


“ASPC is extremely grateful for the partnership with Grand Haven Board of Light and Power (GHBLP) in working together on the Energy Smart Program and the resulting $20,000 grant that enabled ASPC to replace all of our 4800 T8 bulbs with more energy efficient longer lasting LED lighting. ASPC calculated a $23,000 annual savings in electrical consumption as a result of the lighting changes which correlated to less than a 2-year return on investment.

The Energy Smart Program was quite effective and easy to implement. To start, we simply provided an accurate count of lamps/fixture sizes to the Energy Smart advisory team who then conducted a facility walkthrough. They were flexible in working around our production schedules.

Again we want to thank the GHBLP for their partnership and assistance in supporting ASPC throught the $20,000 grant which has enabled ASPC to more globally competitive and environmentally smart with meaningful energy conservation.”

Zack Snyder, ASPC

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